The Secret to Food Shopping Before a National Holiday

13 Apr

What is the secret to an enjoyable food shopping experience before the entire country descends unto the local supermarkets?

Setting your alarm clock early and getting to the supermarket a day or two before the holiday at 8am or earlier.

Yes, 8am.

I strolled into my preferred supermarket this morning at 8am after parking the car in a spot right in front of the store. I looked left, I looked right and I saw almost no-one.

I could hear a pin drop it was so quiet.

I quickly ran to the meat counter figuring that there was a long line in front of me and there was one person waiting her turn.


It took me all of 20 minutes to gather my groceries and I was out of the store within a half an hour.

No yelling.

No shoving.

No crazy lines (anywhere!)

Meat counter was filled with meat

Veggie bins were filled with fresh veggies.

As I was leaving .. the store was starting to fill up with holiday shoppers.

I left with my sanity intact and a HUGE smile on my face. Frayers.


8 am food shopping .. I think I kinda love you.


Cartons, Karma Cartons

30 Nov

On Friday night as we were on our way out the door for our Shabbat Thanksgiving meal (which was out of this world) –  I suggested to Eitan that we take the garbage out. I was planning on throwing out the cartons that our vegetable delivery came in from earlier in the day.

 Side note – I bought “bad” garbage bags that rip easily so this time I doubled bagged the garbage bin. Unfortunately it did not help and some of the garbage spilled out onto the floor. First I tried to add the garbage back into the garbage bags but quickly realized that was not a possibility and if we didn’t hurry, the rest of the garbage would end up all over the floor.

So I picked up the remaining garbage on the floor and put it into the cartons. I raced to open up the locked door so Eitan could run down the stairs and toss out the ever weakening bags. I gathered the vegetable cartons, closed the lights and locked the door  behind me.

Our garbage bins were filled to the brim and I wasn’t too sure where to place them so I just left them on top of the garbage bins (sorry neighbors). And as I turned to walk away, I noticed something.

Cartons. Lots and lots of cartons. Not very used cartons. And then I thought “should we take them upstairs now or wait until later?”

What am I an idiot? Now would be the time to take them.

“Hey Eitan, look at all these cartons! Let’s grab them and bring them upstairs now”.

“Sure” he said.

We schlepped up around 20 cartons (thank you new neighbors for using electric tape to easily carry them upstairs – sorry about the veggie cartons on the garbage bins).

So why do I call them my karma cartons? For one, I hate schlepping cartons and  either Eitan or I did something right to receive this gift. Second, I bought a lot of new boxes two moves ago (which feels like eons ago) ..and I lent them out when folks needed cartons. And no,  I did not get all of the cartons back from the friends.

So now……… we have over 20 cartons. To pack up our flat because we are moving to the ‘burbs. Kfar Saba to be exact. It is time. More space, room to have our families come visit us for a night/weekend/holiday. A parking spot. Oh, and of course, cheaper rent.

So on to the next adventure… may we continue to have good karma.


Karma and Ovens 

Gorgeous Vimeo vid on my city- Tel Aviv

19 Nov

Watch this gorgeous video of the city I call home – Tel Aviv


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