where are the hebrew speakers??

24 Apr

i love that ben yehuda is filled with people. israelis and tourists . but why then do i feel like im still in america? i do not want to hear english. hebrew is poetry to my ears. the way it rolls off my tongue. even though my command of the language is somewhat lacking (grammar can be annoying. male or female – but what about hermaphrodites???) it feels so right when im talking in hebrew. i feel comfortable. i feel like this is the language i was suppose to talk in and that every word in english hurts my soul. i want to be surrounded by hebrew. by the glorious hebrew language. but yet im surrounded by coarse English. eechsa. i try to put myself in situations where i meet israelis and i will not allow them to talk to me in english. or if they want to talk to me in english i will answer them in hebrew. i am not interested in helping them learn my native language. i want to be come fluent enough that i can work in a hebrew environment. As of right now i work with only anglos and when i hear them speak in hebrew i want to laugh or unfortunately cry. some of them have been here for 10 years or longer yet the lack of command that they have over the language is amazing. shocking really. on the other hand there are those olim that have a wonderful command of the language but speak in that stoopid american accent. why cant they do both? have a command of the language AND the accent? obviously we will never ever sound like a native but try at least! yes learning a language is hard and does not come easily to all. but at least try to. then again who am i to judge? i know that for me no matter how “american” i am my kids will G-d willingly be true israelis in all sense of the word. and maybe other olim feel that they can live and work in an anglo environment because the most important aspect is that at the end of the day their kids will be israelis. so what if grandma and grandpa cant talk the language of the land? their kids and their grandkids will be able to. obviously being an immigrant can be a traumatic experiences. and those who chose to move here give up a lot of what they are used to in order to fulfill a specific dream. you cant expect an oleh to give up everything once they move here. so i guess that even though one day (sooner rather than later) i want to be in an environment where english is part of the minority language not the majority language that i hear. and more importantly that those who move here give up a lot to fulfill this dream of raising their kids in Israel. and at the end of the day the next generation will be assimilated into israeli culture. with the ability to speak our glorious language – hebrew.

shalom v’lehitraot. nedaber ood me’at.


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