now im a stupid Israeli

26 Apr
When i was 12 i came to israel for my bat mitzvah, as a present from my parents. I had never been here before and i really didnt know what to expect. I had family living here- my fathers parents, sister and my mothers parents (half the year here and half in the states) and my aunt. I remember coming off the plane and walking down those stairs that they attached to the door to get out and thinking – its soo hot here. the sun is blinding. but wow, is it gorgeous. The palm trees, the color of the sky. It clicked. It all clicked. I dont think that at that age i realized what had occurred. I fell deeply in love at that moment with this country i can now call my home.
Now i realize part of it had to do with my soul connecting to my homeland. To the place that it yearns to be. Part of it had to do with “feeling” G-d. In america, i couldnt feel him. i couldnt feel a kesher with where i came from and where i belonged. But here i can be part of my people. working and building up our country.
I have a hard time understanding why JEWS outside of israel dont understand the importance of this country. more importantly why they dont respect this country or the people who chose to live here. I cant remember how many times i’ve encountered the “stupid israeli” comment. or smelly israelis. or they dont know what they are doing. well if you know better than get your damn ass out here. i bet most of those ppl who have definite opinions about israel and israelis wouldnt be able to survive here. not because its terrible here but because non-israeli’s dont have the same backbone. the grit. the right “chutzpah” .You try living in a country where you know your not making the same kind of money that you could be making in Europe or America . that every time you get on a bus you have to fear for your life. that knowing your children are going to fight for this country when they turn 18 and that yes, soldiers are killed. they are not in some rough summer camp but out there with live ammunition and people get hurt. now remind me why those who live OUTSIDE of this beautiful country have the right to comment or criticize. because i for sure as hell dont understand it.
obviously there will always be cultural issues. That much should be expected. But the lack of respect and understanding should not be tolerated. Those of us who live here need to educate those who dont. but those of us who do live here need to share our wonderful experiences and not just the bad ones with those we love back in other countries. if we share our harrowing experiences in the banks, or other governmental institutions we also need to share those wonderful experiences like what we see on the buses. Every day there we see things that might not register as an amazing story but if we think back to our past lives outside of Israel, what occurs everyday is not the norm everywhere else in the world
It is our job as this new country evolves and grows with time to help it grow. grow in understanding, in acceptance and more importantly the love between jews. Religious , non religious, Sabras, olim, Ashkinazi and sephardi, and from those who live here and those who dont.

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