Tel Aviv or Jerusalem?

10 May

When i was in the last stages of my aliyah planning, i always though that i would live in Tel Aviv. I wanted to be surrounded by Israelis, hebrew and not the seminary/yeshiva kids that roam Ben-Yehuda and Emek Refaim. But then i started thinking…. i planned on being religious when i moved here ( i hadn’t been for a number of years) and living in Tel Aviv would be too tough of a temptation. Maybe a year or so after my aliyah i would be at a place that could handle not having a kosher restaurant on every corner, or a city that basically sleeps on Shabbat. Plus I have family here in J-town and when my family from America comes to visit, they stay in j-town. I became “itchy” back in November. Itchy isnt the right word – restless is. I felt like i had eaten in every restaurant, been at every bar and club that i wanted to go to. I felt the desire to be in a city that had hustle and bustle in it and this wasnt it. I do love Jerusalem. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you arrive here. i feel something special in my soul when i come bk from traveling.
On the other hand – i spent shabbat in tel aviv by a very good friend’s apt. She lives in an old school neighborhood. We ended up roaming the city Friday night (walked a few friends home) and we found this gorgeous area off of Montiforri. The buildings have been re-done, and it looks like European architecture. Its quiet, grassy and clean. I bet the real estate over there is quite expensive. But as we walked around, i felt like i was in israel for the first time. Everywhere we went we heard hebrew. It felt urban and young. felt like i was in a city for my age bracket. it for me that is for sure. sitting at a cafe with friends relaxing and watching the world pass by sounds like my idea of a good time
So now i am considering moving to tel aviv sometime in Dec/Jan. I dont mind commuting to Jerusalem for work since i previously commuted in my life bk in the states. I would have to find a neighborhood that was close to a shul (i’d have to go to meet nice modern ortho ppl like myself) and close to the train station so that i could reach a 480 bus quickly. On the other hand, i want to live near to the beach. Or at least as close to the beach as possible. Hopefully by the time Dec comes around i will be strong enough that living in a city that is mostly non-kosher and not- religious. It’ll curb my spending of eating out all the time.


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