Yom Ha’atzmaut

13 May

Wed night and Thursday was Yom Ha’atmaut (Independence Day). Its been 57 years since the creation of the State of Israel. I went with my friend to a kikar in Tel Aviv to Rekudai Aam (Israeli folk dancing). It was amazing to see. There was a mix of ages but mostly it looked like couples and friends in their late 40’s and 50’s. The younger ones pretty much didnt know the steps but the older ones could really shake and move. Let me tell you- i have done “israeli” dancing all my life and these steps were not easy to catch on to. I ket watching and when i was ready to jump in and give it a try, the song and the dance changed. I think i need to find a class on Rikudai Aam. At some point i was able to dance to TWO songs because those were dances i knew. Never thought I would be dancing in Israel using steps i learnt in America.
then we moved along to another part of the mall and there was this big concert with two huge screens that displayed the lyrics of the songs that were being sung. It was meant to be a sing- along and they were old school or classic Israeli songs. It feels like i need to not only take ulpan but a culture class as well. I feel kind of left out when i partake in these events. But then knowing that my children will grow up knowing these songs and dances makes me feel better.
The concert was boring, at least for me – since i did not know the words/tunes etc. So we moved along and ended up by Kikar Rabin. All the little high school kids had shaving cream and were spraying everyone and anyone. The only issue was that we did not want to get sprayed so we stood close to the policemen and soldiers. There was NO way they would try to spray us and hit the policeman and soldiers. When we realized that our shields had walked away , we turned and said “lets get out of here before we get sprayed”. It was funny b/c the two of us were trying to move quickly accross the kikar but b/c there was soo much shaving cream on the ground i kept slipping. finally we made it off the square and into a “safer” area. The night ended with us chilling by the beach having coffee and discussing how much of a “cultural” night it had been rather than just a balagan (mess).
I was hoping for some serious partying but in the end im glad that we kept it simple and did it old school style.
But of course this is not the end of the chag. Thursday three of us had made plans for a long day at the beach and an “al ha-aish” (bbq). We left at 11am with all the food, bbq’s, drinks, etc. When we got to the beach we were all suprised. I know that Yom Ha’atzmaut is a day for al-ha-aish but why were there more ppl on the beach? I assumed the beach would be PACKED and it wasnt. I know that the parks were packed. Maybe its because sand in the food isnt that tasty? 🙂
We ended up at the beach all day (till around 5) and when i went back i couldnt believe what i saw. I was BURNT. really burnt on my shoulders and back. I know i put suntan lotion on. Too bad i didnt draw an Israeli flag out of lotion on my back. that would have been hysterical. cheesy yes, but non the less hysterical.
So all in all i think that my first Yom Ha’atmaut as an Israeli was kept completely in the Israeli spirit. Rekudai Am, Al HaAish, sun burn.


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