A Word that lays heavily on the Heart – disengagement

19 Aug

disengagement. its a big word. its a lot of emotion. most of all its a lot of pain.

This blog entry is to give those who live outside of israel some sort of understanding of what an israeli who is pro and anti disengagement is feeling on the subject. (if you do not know whats going on – check out any news website)

this morning i took a taxi to work. i got into the taxi and i heard a woman crying. pleading and just sounding utterly destroyed. this woman had just received her eviction letter from the Israeli army telling her she needed to leave her home. the soldier who delivered the letter sounded just as upset as she did. he was very respectful and said i dont know what it is like to be told to leave my home, my entire life behind. but dont think that for one second this isnt hurting us, the soldiers. we are commanded to do this and even if it hurts we need to do it. but we will do it in the most respectful and sensitive way possible.

there is fear here. fear you can touch. fear that giving up this part of the country is rewarding terrorism. listen to any arab living in israel and they say that today gaza, tomorrow jerusalem. for them terrorism has been rewarded. that they are now getting back part of what they claim is theirs by killing innocent people. by getting on a bus and blowing it to smithereens. by shooting quassam rockets into towns inside and out of israel.

so now what? we evict our own brothers and move them to another town and then lock down the borders.

lets see what happens. the arabs have different factions fighting for power. the question is – who is going to have the power in the end? will there be a civil war? do we in israel care? the only thing we do care about is protecting our own which means that if they DARE bomb us from gaza- our government has no qualms about fighting back hard.

at the end of the day this is the plan of G-d, but a lot of people are blaming sharon. he is the instrument in which this entire plan is being carried out by. and yes we are all questioning ariel sharon’s reasons for doing this. obviously on one hand we, israel, can say- look, you wanted us to give them their own land and we did. now see how they cant control themselves. see how they cant prosper even with their own leading the way. see how all along it WASNT our fault.

more importantly, we are one nation with one heart and we are all in pain. pain for our brothers, pain for those who died protecting those communities, pain for not know what the future holds. but our love for G-d is there. and this will help us get through it all. at the end of the day man does not know what the will of G-d is and we can pray, cry, scream out to him to show us his will but not always are we worthy of knowing.

my G-d keep all the people of israel safe from harm. safe from harm from our enemies and safe from harm from our brothers.

and G-d help the rest of the world is this is taken as a sign by Al Qaida that terrorism yields results. Because then no one is safe.


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