My heart is broken Again

13 Dec

My heart is broken again.

August 16th, 2005 The Jewish government of Israel evacuated their citizens from their homes and their communities in the hope that this would lead to a better future between the Israelis and Palestinians.

4 months later watching this video still hurts. Hurts to watch homes being destroyed. It hurts to see the raw emotions in the faces of the Israelis evacuating and those being evacuated. It doesn’t just hurt. It is gut wrenching painful to watch.

I have written about this situation already. I was both for and against this decision. Now I am definitely against the way the government handled and is currently handling this entire situation. I will NEVER vote for our current Prime Minister in the upcoming elections. For a man who was once known for his brilliant tactical army maneuvers to now a man who could not finish up this “mission” ….. he is no longer a man i respect and admire. The experience of being uprooted from your home is traumatic enough but then to ignore and not fulfill the promise of helping your fellow citizens integrate back into normal life… well that is just UNACCEPTABLE.

How DARE you do that to people? Yes, we don’t know what G-d is planning. Yes we believe that this is all in His divine plans. But part of our responsibility in life is to do as much for ourselves as possible and when the time arises that G-d needs to help us, he does. But only He knows when He will intervene and not us.

The government promised (with the help of US funding) to re-establish the communities in proper Israel. To pay the farmers, to pay for the houses. There are STILL communities living in high school dorms, in other communities that accepted their now displaced brothers and sisters. Bottom line, money Israel was suppose to get from America is now being used to re-build American towns and communities that were destroyed in the Hurricanes. That’s just the way the cookie crumbled. (or is it a message from G-d……?)

Maybe this will teach the Israeli government to stop depending on America for their needs. Israel needs to be self sufficient. More importantly, Israeli citizens need to remember where peace comes from. It comes from us as Jews, behaving in the way G-d commanded us to behave. Bottom line, if G-d wants us to have peace with our fellow family members…then we will. It is ultimately up to Him to decide the future of our country and it will depend on our behavior.


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