7 Feb

I went to see Munich with my roommate last night. She is the perfect person to see this kind of film with. We are both thinkers and enjoy analyzing what is going on around us whether it is a book, movie, and conversation with friends or loved ones. I knew that this movie was going to disturb me/touch me in some way be that it is about a tragic event in Israel’s history. I thought long and hard about seeing this film after all the negative press. Specifically the film is not historically accurate since the person assisting the writers of the film was not part of the operation.

I felt that since the movie had approval from the family members of the murdered athletes of the 1972 Munich Olympic games… I could then go see it regardless of the historical controversy.

I was upset about how the movie portrayed the Mossad character Avner battling his conscious during and after the missions. Granted it the mossad team was away from their families for over two years hunting down and killing murderers. But if you go into the Mossad, you are trained to handle your missions. They don’t just take anyone under their wings. The agents might have a difficult time in their personal life to deal with their actions but doubt should not and cannot be visible during a mission. More importantly, there is no reason to need validation from your superiors that the mission held the same purpose they told you it did.

But bottom line is that I came out of the film even more proud to be an Israeli, to be a part of a country that no longer allows us Jews to be killed just because. We are a nation of Jews that will not be walked all over. We will defend ourselves and fight back. We will continue to fight back and attack those that deny our right to exist.


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