Yom Hazikaron

1 May

Tonight began the national Memorial Day for fallen soldiers of the State of Israel.
At exactly 8pm a siren is sounded throughout the entire country and it everything stops. Some of us bow our heads, others keep them straight but all of us are lost in our thought of what this day means to each one on a personal level.
As a person who has chosen to make this country her home in every sense of the word, this day is hard to relate to. I want to be Israeli in every sense of the word and part of that is to have done national service. For many different reasons (and the right ones for me at the time) joining the army wasn’t an option. I will always regret not serving my country in that specific way but I will make sure to serve it in other ways.
I will never fully understand what it is to do basic training. To join a unit and make life long friends. To do reserve duty each year with the same people. Share their lives as we all grow up and get older.

And I will never shed a tear for a soldier that I served with.

What I will do is continue to shed my tears for all my friends and family members who have lost their comrades. I will shed them for each of the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, husbands and wives and especially the children that lost their loved ones while serving our country. Those that were killed in the line of duty protecting this wonderful and special country of ours were killed “al-kiddush Hahem”.

We should mourn those that died on our behalf. Because even though I didn’t know them personally…they died protecting my country. Our Home.

May we never have to shed another tear for another fallen soldier again.

May each of their neshamot have an aliyah straight to Gan Eden.


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