Yom Ha’atzmaut

3 May

Today is Israel’s 58th birthday. Happy birthday Israel! It is amazing to drive through a country and know that it has only existed for 58 years and you can see how far she’s come. Drive through a city that didn’t exist 58 years ago. Drive up the Tel Aviv – Jerusalem highway and see the original tanks still on the side of the rode with Israeli flags and wreaths on them.
This country was built on people who believed that us Jews needed to come. Jews from all over the world have been coming home for generations and now this part of the world is ours.
I’ve chosen to live in a predominately Anglo community for now. Each individual person I’ve met has chosen to uproot themselves from what they’ve known their whole lives and move here. It is an incredible journey for each one of us to get here and more importantly to stay here. Sometimes I forget how difficult it can be to uproot and move across the world to a foreign country.
Whenever I go back to where I grew up, people always tell me how impressed they are with this choice to make aliyah. For me it was never a choice, but a destiny. How could I not move home, to the land that my soul is connected to? Whenever I leave this country I feel a void. As if my soul has chosen to stay here while my body is elsewhere.
I feel so proud to call myself an Israeli and even more proud of my friends and acquaintances. Each one of us has a story to tell of how we got here and why we want to stay and help build up this country. Yes we’ve come a far way in 58 years but we have so much more to go.
If you ever meet an Oleh/Olah ask us why we moved here. Some stories can move you to tears. Others will inspire the listeners and leave a lasting imprint on the soul.
Our job isn’t done. We as the new olim generation have a responsibility to remember that we live in a young nation that has a long way to go. But we will forge ahead with G-d watching over us and help this country be a light onto all the other countries and nations.

Thank you to all those people who came before us, the earlier olim and their families for building up so a beautiful country. Thank you for making it what it is today. Thank you G-d for allowing us to come home and have a temporary country until Moshiach comes and re-builds the Beit Hamikdash.

May we continue to be worthy of Israel.


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