Got tagged by Dot Co Dot IL

9 May

My Turn

Eventually the A-Z Meme got to me courtesy of the

Accent: New Yawkah. Dawg, Cawfee, Maull…

Booze: Red Wine, Beer and I love the chocolate tasting stuff.

Chore I Hate: Taking out the garbage

Dogs/Cats: Kinda had a dawg a while ago… loved the little rat

Electronics: Computers, camera, IPod.

Favorite Perfume/Cologne: Dream by Anna Sui

Gold/Silver: Platnum!

Hometown: Oceanside, NY

Insomnia: Too often

Job Title: Business Analyst

Kids: One Day, G-d Willing

Living Arrangements: My lovely Brit roomate

Most Admired Trait: my cat eyes

Number of Sexual Partners: I live in Katamon, do you think I’m stupid and would answer that?

Overnight Hospital Stays: Once, over Succot. Needed IV antibiotics.

Phobia: Snakes

Quote: Do Not Go Gentley Into that Good Night, Rage Rage against the dying of the Light

Religion: Modern Orthodox.

Siblings: As of right now, two sisters (im the oldest) and a brother – in – law. (he’s now a sibling)

Time I usually wake up: 8ish

Unusual Talent: Can raise up one eyebrow and switch and then do the other one. You try it!

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Celery

Worst Habit: Smoking

Xenophobia: Umm.. what is that?

Yummy Foods I love: Good coffee, Carvel Vanilla soft icecream,

Zodiac Sign: Aries.

I now tagg the other new member on the blogsphere…. G’s Funk


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