Modesty on a Truck

14 Jun

I take two buses to work everyday. Both buses pass through the most religious areas in Jerusalem. Today on Rechov Bar Ilan (Between Geula and Sanhedria) I saw a truck. The truck was delivering food to a supermarket, with Arab workers unloading the truck.

I am not a morning person…and I typically just stare out of the window willing myself to wake up before I get to the office. But today I was paying attention to the truck and I was focusing on the image on the side of this truck. I noticed the picture had a non-jewish looking man sitting at a table about to take a bite out of some food. Then I realized someone had painted on a kippah on his blond hair. Whoa… Okay someone felt strongly that this man needed a kippah. As I pondered the thought of why would the man in the picture need a kippah I realized that there was a woman in the picture. She was sitting across the table from the man and she had been painted over in white. But you could tell that they had tried first to give her a head covering.

So my question now is… why must you give the guy a kippah and paint over the female? First off….its a truck. A delivery truck. Will people really not order from this supplier if the advertisment has a man and a woman who dont look religious? And if they wouldn’t be used as a supplier if the ad hadn’t been changed… why have the ad up there in the first place? Take a picture of a charedi man and post it up on the truck. But to have a picture of a very non-jewish looking man (no beard or peyot) and a covered over woman that is noticable on it?
I do get that the picture on the truck needs to reflect the image of the religious community. But seriously? Aren’t you taking things a bit too far?


One Response to “Modesty on a Truck”

  1. Simon Holloway June 17, 2006 at 9:17 am #

    I completely agree with you. If you haven’t read it, Noah Efron (a Tel-Aviv academic) has a brilliant book entitled “Real Jews” which deals at length with this issue. One of the cases that he brings up (p.143) concerns a yoghurt brand that had to change their advertising logo (a dinosaur) to something compatible with ‘Daas Torah’. Bizarre, hey?

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