Reverse Racism

14 Jun

Did you know that there were flights from Tel Aviv to Rosh Pina and Kiryat Shmona? Did you also know that the airline, Tamar Flights, is responsible for the security of its passengers? More shocking is that Tamar flights cant afford to operate security personnel and the luggage scanning machine. What does the Tamar Flight company do? The have banned all NON-JEWS from flying on their flights. Because as we ALL know all jew are good and non-jews are more shady. Granted that yes, we live in the Middle East and we have to worry about terrorism. But this is blatent racism. And why is Tamar Flights allowed to operate if they cannot pay for security? Stop the flights until there is a solution but DO NOT ban non-jews as the temporary solution.

This is an issue I am constantly grappeling with.
When did we become such a racist country? Yes we have to worry about saftey and the continuing existance of the country and our nation… but do we really have the right to judge each non Jew, and specifically in Israel Arabs (Christian and Muslim alike) and say that they are all terrorists who want to kill us?
I would like to believe that a religous group of people would believe that G-d created us all.. and if we are not following in the ways of Him, he will be the punisher. But not man. G-d created all of us in his Infinate wisdom and we need to understand that by virtue of the fact that people are G-d’s creation… we need to respect them.


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