19 Jun

I recently came across a website called TripMates . I have not really traveled all over the world even though I would LOVE to travel. Personally, whenever I had vacation or money to spend I would come back to Israel for a visit. Now that I live here and I would be coming back to my home in Israel… I could definitely travel. Africa, Thailand, South America, Europe, Ireland and FIJI. I have a fascination with Fiji…..I have no idea why though.
My best friends are all world travelers. I think that if I combined their trips together… they’ve seen almost all of the world (except for Fiji).
I think traveling is important. Traveling opens up the eyes to new cultures, experiences and people. It challenges assumptions, notions and stereotypes. Traveling is not just to experience the places your visiting but meeting other travelers from all over the world.
That’s why I am mentioning this website. Tripmates is an interactive travel community that gets you connected before you depart and keeps you in touch while you’re away. You have to fill out a questionnaire about what you like to do when traveling, where you travel etc. They match you up and introduce you to similar travelers.
The site is free and if you travel it is definitely worth a try!

Side story to TripMates:
Last Thursday I decided to sign up for the site. An issue arose when I couldnt find my city and country listed on the choices. There was Jerusalem, West Bank but no Jerusalem, Israel. I am very offended when people are ignorant and do not refer to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I would understand if there was an option for Jerusalem (with no country assoication) but to not have an option with ISRAEL but the WEST BANK??? Since when was the West Bank a country? One that is recoginzed as a sovergien state?
So I sent an email to TripMates to bring this issue to their attention. I wrote that I understand (though I do NOT agree with it) to just list Jerusalem without a country and stated that it is better to list the option Jerusalem, Israel but it is unacceptable to leave the option as Jerusalem, West Bank. Plus I mentioned the number of friends of mine that travel and that I live here in Israel (and would love to share this site) but I will not share a site that doesn’t recognize my country.
I recevied a reply in less then 24 hours from the CEO of the company apologizing for the mistake and it was changed in less then 12 hours.
I just want to thank TripMates for their speedy response and sensativity on this issue. So now… Go Use Their Site!!!!!


2 Responses to “TripMates”

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  2. Anonymous August 9, 2006 at 2:35 pm #

    Tripmates is ok but WAYN rocks – similar concept but far more members on there and a lot more fun.Have been using it for months now and i’m truly addicted.

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