Army Helicopters overhead

12 Jul

I work in Har Hotzfim and it is quite normal for me to hear and see army helicopters overhead. I just assumed that there must be an air force base nearby.
But today I know that they are not flying overhead to reach a base. They are flying to either Gaza or the Golan Heights.
We are embarking on a new journey for our country. I do not know what the future holds but right now the light is slowly starting to fade. I have this feeling in the pit of my heart that we, as a country and a Jewish nation, are seriously in trouble. I don’t think most people are even aware of the severity of the situation. Intermarriage rates all over the world, the lack of observant Jews, the self-hating Jews, the Anti-Semitism….

Gilad Shalit was shot, injured and kidnapped. Now Hezbollah claims to have kidnapped 2 more soldiers from the Israeli-Lebanese border. Hashem Yishmor.

There has been an ongoing argument of “why should I or my children protect the citizens who chose to live in dangerous areas and put our lives at risk for the sake of 10 – 300 families?” It looks to me that no matter where you serve in this country you will be risking your life to protect our citizens.
This whole region is going to erupt into one big nasty fight and we will need to protect our borders on all sides of the country. Our soldiers will be at risk no matter where they are stationed. But if we are to protect this country we need to remember that G-d gave us this land and he can and HAS taken it away from us.

This country cannot survive as a non-religious Jewish state. We didn’t gain this country from the U.N. as the solution to the displacement after the Holocaust but as a gift from G-d. It’s a conditional gift – one in which he can and will take away if we do not behave in accordance to his will.

Now we can argue about religion and what it means to be religious. Especially since a lot of people are lacking in the need to be observant here because they are comforted by the fact that they are surrounded by other Jews.
But let us remember that first off… we need to remember and believe that this world and all its creations were indeed created by a Higher Power. We all share the responsibility towards our Creator to live life as we think He would want us too. That can mean as a torah-observant jew or a jew that follows the 10 commandments or even as a jew that believes that the laws between him and his fellow man are what is important (even more so than the laws between him and G-d).

Either way we each need to find our own personal connection to G-d….. Follow life as we believe He wants us to. That way when we pray to Him we can do so without the slightest guilt that while we are asking for protection and his help, we chose to ignore Him in our daily lives.

Because we, as a Nation, are going to realize that we ALL have to start praying for our survival.


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