We are at War

16 Jul

It is a bit surreal that after two years of living here now all of a sudden we are at war. When I first arrived I was super aware of the risks of taking buses, going to packed restaurants and bars. The first few times I took the bus I wondered if I would be able to get off at my intended stop. So when things quieted down considerably.. I lived in a false illusion that we were at peace. It wasn’t so much a false illusion but an illusion of hope. Hope that peace could come to Israel and her citizens. Peace that the Palestinians would be able to start working on creating their own country and infrastructure and better the lives of their own citizens.

But now…

Now we are turning back the clock twenty years. Israel has to target the one liberal and forward thinking country where a lot of its citizens do not want war. They do not support Hezbollah or Hamas. How ironic that Hezbollah is “dafka” launching their war from one of the most democratic and liberal Muslim countries in the area. It sounds like a conspiracy to me.. the Muslim extremists want to create complete instability which will lead to fighting between Muslim countries where they can then force radical extremism on the rest of the moderate Muslim world.

By no choice other than to protect ourselves we are now forced to bomb and in essence destroy a city that has undergone progressive developments since the last time we official waged war in Beirut.

Is this fair for both sides to be waging a war and have innocent civilians be caught between the crossfire?

Sometimes I wish we could section off a part of the world and that would be the only place you could wage war. Place both opponents on the “official war location” and let them kill each other there. Why involve innocent civilians?

May G-d in his Infinite wisdom protect and save all of his children from harm.

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