How to Pronounce Hezbollah

19 Jul

How to say: Hezbollah
18 Jul 06, 02:16 PM

A guide to words and names in the news, from Martha Figueroa-Clark of the BBC Pronunciation Unit.
“Our recommendation for Hezbollah is hez-buul-AA (stress on final syllable). We’ve arrived at this recommendation by considering the original Farsi pronunciation, the Arabic pronunciation and anglicised pronunciations in published sources.
In yesterday’s post, some of you asked how to pronounce the word orthoepist (a professional pronouncer).
It’s not a word we use in everyday conversations but we find it ironic that a word that refers to correct pronunciations can be said in so many ways! These possibilities include: OR-thoh-ep-ist, or-thoh-EE-pist and or-THOH-uh-pist. All these are acceptable but our personal preference is perhaps the last one.”

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1. At 03:08 PM on 18 Jul 2006, Rich wrote:

It would be great if the Beeb could provide a recording of the day’s pronunciation? Perhaps as a little embedded Flash movie?

2. At 03:45 PM on 18 Jul 2006, Jason. wrote:

Would agree with the above point.

3. At 03:55 PM on 18 Jul 2006, David wrote:

actually the pronunciation is: T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-T-S


One Response to “How to Pronounce Hezbollah”

  1. ifyouwillit July 21, 2006 at 4:43 pm #

    I’m suprised to hear the beeb invest in a pronouciation department when they get so many words wrong.FYI, a Sarnie is slag for sandwhich, saw your comment elsewhere.Shabbat Shalom!

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