I want to draw on a rocket too!

19 Jul

Where can I go to write a lovely message to Hezbollah all that they can all just KISS ISRAEL’S ASS?

(Below is the story behind the photo – from the source. From On The Face a blog written by journalist Lisa who spoke directly with Shelly, one of the photographers who TOOK the picture. The girls in the picture are residents of Kiryat Shmona – a town literaly ON the physical border with Lebanon. This was the first time in 5 days that they emerged from the bomb shelters.

“Shelly emphasized several times that none of the parents or children had expressed any hatred toward the Lebanese people. No-one expressed any satisfaction at knowing that Lebanese were dying – just as Israelis are dying. Their messages were directed at Nasrallah. None of those people was detached or wise enough to think: “Hang on, tank shell equals death of human beings.” They were thinking, tank shell equals stopping the missiles that land on my house. Tank shells will stop that man with the turban from threatening to kill us.”

Read the rest of the post at Lisa’s Blog On the face


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