Friends off to war

4 Aug

I never knew anyone who was a current soldier. I have plenty of friends and family who were fighting soldiers but never went off to fight while I knew them.

Now it all has changed.

I met a guy months ago and one of the things we talked about, of course, was about his army service. His matter a fact mentality and his complete faith in G-d gave me a whole new respect for soldiers. All I could think was “Wow…” I was speechless. My understanding of soldiers, especially those that are drafted and do not enter the service voluntarily was that they didn’t have a mature mentality. Service was a chore and not a very important responsibility.

But he understands his responsibilities to his fellow soldiers, country men, civillans and even his enemies.

and he’s been fighting in Lebanon.

I called him last week- its been a long time since we’ve chatted, just to see whats up. I had a gut feeling that he might have to go up north but I wasnt sure. Sure enough when I called he said – perfect timing. “Perfect timing for what?” was my thought. And then I realized.

He just came back down from the North. From Lebanon.

He sounded okay… or at least I couldnt hear much of a difference in his voice. And I joked that when he officially closed his new work deal… we would go out and celebrate.
Sweetheart… I am going back up north on Sunday and I dont know when I’ll be back.

Shock..? How do you respond to that? And my answer was that when he comes back and the deal is done we’ll go out and I’ll pay for the beer. Yes.. I will pay for his beer. Sababa.

but today… today was a bad day. I called him to let him know I was near his area and if he wanted to meet up after a close friends bday party…. but he wasn’t up for it. he wasn’t up for being in Tel Aviv.. the promised new destination from Nasrallah for rockets.

he sounded so drained. emotionally and physically. and it hurt me to my core. i have no experience comferting or cheering up or even destracting combat soldiers.

How do you joke about life when theyve been up close and personal with life and death. When he might have killed his enemy to save his life or the life of his fellow soldiers.

i just want him never to forget how much we, I, appreciate the battles he and the rest of the soldiers are fighting for on our behalf. How proud we are and how much we love our boys.

Please never forget that you have an important job. To protect us, your fellow Jews. Our lives are in your hands with G-d guiding the whole War.

When you see a fellow soldier in the street – realize that they are part of a large chain..
one which protect and fights for our freedom.
for our country.
for G-d.

and you will never fight or die in vain. Ever.


One Response to “Friends off to war”

  1. Shanah August 9, 2006 at 3:59 pm #

    Baruch haShem.Fantastic post. These guys are my heroes. Are female soldiers being called up to the north as well?

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