The Good kind of Phone Calls

9 Aug

The Good kind of Phone Calls
Receiving a phone call from a friend fighting up in Lebanon is the best kind of phone call a gal can get.
I love seeing his name pop up on my caller ID.
I have been sending him text messages just to let him know that I think of him and want him to stay safe. I want him to remember that he is in mind and in my prayers. That he is important to not just family but to friends and to the rest of this country.

But when I hear how bad it is up there… I can’t help but crying hot, wet tears. Tears for families that are going to get the news that a loved one was killed while protecting his country. Tonight will be a very bad night for a lot of people. At least 11 soldiers were killed today.

Its bad up there. Really Bad.

I ask you Prime Minister Olmert,

Please remember that this war will be a costly one for the lives of our soldiers. Keep Israel’s best interest in heart and ignore the whispering words of foreign governments when the whisperings are not in Israel’s best interest.

This war will not be one which we will win. We are fighting a war against those that are preached to and taught from a young age to hate and kill in the name of their G-d.

But there will be a time to end this current battle.

Please make sure that you end this battle before too many soldier die.

And while I ask this of you.. I hope you remember as well as everyone else that the future outcome of this war is in the hands of G-d. Please do not ignore Him. Pray to Him and ask him for the strength to win this war and to keep our soldiers and citizens safe.


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  1. Rafi G August 11, 2006 at 6:58 am #

    I just tagged you with a mem, if you are so inclined to participate…

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