My Accent

23 Aug

Yesterday I placed my apartment up on Maagar Meda for rent. My roomate and I would like to find a larger and more spacious flat.
If you are not familiar with Maagar Meda it is a buying and rental website for Jerusalem. They collect information on available apts for rent and then publish a daily list and send it out to their subscribers. It costs about NS 260 for two months but I have found it to be a wonderful and easy way to find an apt. You need to specifiy where you want to live, how many rooms and how much you want to pay. They then send you a daily email with your specifications and VIOLA …. you find an apt.

So me being the nice tenant.. I placed our apt up on Maagar Meda the same time I purchased their lists for available apts. Between you and me I didnt need to do this. My landlord is responsible for finding the new tenants but me being the nice person thought that this might be easier for all of us involved.

How wrong was I!

At SEVEN THIRTY in the morning when the calls started coming in I realized I was in trouble. BIG BIG trouble. So I decided to change my voice mail to “If this is in regards to the apt please call back after 6:30pm”. But part of changing the voice mail on an orange cell phone is having to LISTEN to the new recording and then choose to save it.

I was shocked!

That couldnt be my voice on the other end.. could it? I as in shock. Now I’ve been told my hebrew is good (truthfully my grammer stinks and my vocabulary could use some help) but my ACCENT is great! I really and truthfully did not believe that this is how I sounded. I have a bit of an accent but I totally sound Israeli. Sababa!

So I have my NY accent (and trust me when I saw that there is no mistakening me for a non-NYer. Cawfee and bawll are both part of my vurnacular) AND I have an Israeli accent.

Next up …. conquer the Brit accent and I can then make fun of all my British friends. Cheers!


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