Shlomo & Yael’s Wedding

4 Sep

An outdoor chuppah

Last night I had the pleasure of watching my friends Shlomo and Yael get married in a beautiful ceremony and party at Beit Guvrein.
The chuppah was decorated with grapes and grape leaves and there was even a tiny Israeli flag sown onto the talit of the chuppah. The trees next to the chuppah had hurricane lights hanging from it with twinkling candles. The groom walked down to an instrumental version of an Abba song while the kalah walked down with a live bagpipe and drummer leading her to the chuppah. Yael is Israeli, temani in fact, while Shlomo is an Oleh chadash from American and ashkenaz.

It was a beautiful wedding in so many different ways. The food was wonderful, the guests were lots of fun, the music was phenomenal and the bride and groom just wanted to party and enjoy their wedding. Both Shlomo and Yael glowed with radiant happiness.

Over the past year I have had the pleasure of watching my new friends here date, get engaged and even get married.

We have now arrived at the next step of our aliyah…. To build a bayit neeman. b’yisrael.

I hope that over the next years I will continue to see each and every one of my friends (that want to get married- there are some out there that don’t) marry wonderful, loving and devoted spouses.


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