Anniversary of September 11, 2001

11 Sep

By choosing to live in Israel we understand that our lives are in danger. There are visible enemies trying to kill us and rid our homeland of Jews.
But growing up in NY the enemy was not as visible. For me the events of 9/11 were shocking not to me as a Jew but to me as an American. I always felt and still feel that no matter where a Jew lives there will always be hatred both in the public and private feelings of the population. This event was not geared towards to the Jews but to Americans and it effected the entire world. This was the bargaining of a visible war between those that use their beliefs as an inherit right to murder and kill innocent civillians.
One of those civilians was Andrew Zucker, the husband of Erica (nee Konovitch). I knew Andrew. Erica is the neice of my “adopted” mother. My family and another family, the Lipshitz’s, are very close. We have always lived close to each other (currently they live 4 houses down from my parents). My parents have been friends with Mr. and Mrs. Lipshitz for over 35 years.
I saw Andrew multiple times a year on the chagim when he and Erica and the rest of the Konovitch and Berger clan came to Oceanside and stayed by their family, the Lipshitz’s.
His death was hard to accept by everyone that knew and loved him. He died in the World Trade Center because he was trying to help others to safety.
To read more about Andrew Zucker and who he was, please read the rest of this article from The Jewish week.
May Andrew (Chaim Zalman ben Zusha v’Sara)’s neshamah have an aliyah on the 5th anniversary of his death.

Sept 11th was no some abstract event that happened to certain people in America – it effected us all. It shattered the illusion for Americans who felt that the country was safe and free from enemies. It took the world by its shoulders and shook it as hard as it possible could to and woke up the world from their slumber. We are hated by others because of our religious or lack their of, beliefs. This fight against Al-Qada and other extreme religious groups that seek our destruction is no longer just a burden on Americans but of all people who demand the right to choose their own paths in life.

We might not agree with the choices others make but at least we have the ability to choose.


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