DAI (Enough)

13 Nov

In this tour-de-force solo performance written and performed by Iris Bahr, the splintered Israeli psyche is brought to vigorous, humorous and moving life, as the customers of a Tel Aviv café share their stories moments before a suicide bomber enters.
In her new solo show DAI (enough), Iris Bahr explores the misunderstood Israeli psyche as manifested through various inhabitants of a Tel Aviv café, who unknowingly share their stories moments before perishing in a bombing. The souls Bahr brings to life — a self-loathing Israeli New Yorker, an extremist West Bank settler, a jilted German trying to win back the affection of his Israeli lover, an aging Zionist, an American there to build a Rapture Information Center, a Palestinian intellectual, a Russian prostitute — all seem to be struggling with a splintered Israeli identity, a conflicted attachment to the state of Israel, and most importantly, a personal inability to lead what they feel is a normal life. Whether their predicament is self-inflicted or brought upon them by the world at large, is a question for which they all have an equally passionate answer.

I want to see this play amd I want all my friends to go and see this play.


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