The Theatre

21 Nov

My earliest memeories of seeing a live play was at the Lynbrook Quartet Theatre. As a child I used to go with my school and youth group from my synagogue to go see plays there. The Quartet is located right next to a movie theatre. The Quartet Theatre is up a steep staircase to reach the actual theatre. The chairs were velvet, old fashioned, squeeky and made up of a very dark berry color. I remember the floor was not carpeted. I remember how small the stage seemed to me.
My favorite play was Jack and the Beanstalk. I loved the book and the movie but seeing it live made the story real to me. It made my imagination come alive.

As I grew up I moved up to seeing plays and musicals on Broadway. I have been to a lot of musicals so far in my life and my first memory (how fitting) was Fiddler on the Roof. I think I was around ten years old and in fourth grade. A bunch of families from my neighborhood all went together. I think it was the Saidlowers, Lipshits and the Berger families who went but I can’t be sure. The actor playing the Fiddler on the Roof was some important actor but I was too young to care or remember who it was. I do remember the music, the lights, the dancing and the layout of the theatre.

I miss seeing live shows that amaze my eyes and my ears. At this age, going to a children’s play is just not as exieiting as it would have been 12 years ago even though it might be easier for me to follow and understand in Hebrew.

I want to see a play or musical but I fear that I will miss out on some of the theatre expericence. Or even misunderstand some of the vital plot due to my Hebrew. I can’t exactly bring a dictionary to the theatre and miss part of the dancing/acting etc just because I missed one word. What about the acoustics?

I love the theatre so much. So many memories of mine are connected to shows that I’ve seen. I even wanted to become a set designer back in High School. Make grand and awe inspiring backgrounds / props for the Broadway world.

I definately do not want to fear plays & musicals presented in Hebrew.


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