My Day Off

26 Dec

I realized a week ago that I had a lot of unused vacation days (and I can only carry over 5 to the next year) and decided that with work slowing down until after the New Year’s….I would go and see a bit of the country.
Me, Judith and Johnny decided to take a road trip up North to Haifa, the second largest port in Israel and one of the largest cities in the country. Centered in the city is the Bahai Gardens – a place I have never really explored.
We walked up and down and then up and then down the street leading to the Bahai Gardens (which is called the German Colony) and I even shook hands with a local Santa. I haven’t seen any Santa’s in Jerusalem though there are rumours of sightings.
We eventually entered the Bahai Gardens from the Bottom but soon realized you have to start from the top and work down and so up the hill we drove. After realizing that a sightseeing tour for 45 minutes was not exactly how we wanted to experience the Bahai Gardens we just traipsed around for a bit on our own.
Bahai Gardens and Temple

Then we set out to find the grave, or better known as a Kever, of the Ramban (Rabbi Moshe ben Nahman (רבי משה בן נחמן). Somehow we stumbled across the old German and British Cemetery in Haifa. We saw lots of graves from the British soldiers who were stationed here in Israel Pre-1948. Then when we realized the street number for the Jewish Cemetery was further down the street (for future reference it is located at 120 Rechov Yaffo, Haifa) and found our way down there. So not only did we go to a non-Jewish site but then we ended up at the kever of a man dating back during the time of the Gemara !

Kever of Rabbi Avdimi

Once we finished in Haifa we went on to Cesaria. I had never been in Cesearia before and I have been dying to see it. I have traveled all over this country, hiked through many hills and valleys but never been to Cesearia. What a gorgeous area except for the smoke stacks in the southern horizon. I love old ruins and will have to go back to see more.
Cesaria Ruins

But there real purpose for driving to Cesaria was not the archaeological dig, nor was it to see the one and only golf course in Israel but to go and get sushi. Yet when we got there (and it was 5pm) they only started selling sushi at 6pm and not a minute before. The sushi chef does not arrive until half past 5. So we ordered some food to tide us over till the sushi was available and then had a bit of fun until 6pm.
The sushi was de-licious! Once we squared away a big bill off to Ikea we went. That store is the black hole for any consumer. I wanted everything but bought a few odds and ends.
In the end it was a long and fun day. Once in a while we all need to take a vacation day and see the country – both our own history and the history of others and a must stop off at Ikea!


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