Love my NYPD

4 Feb

This past Thursday night was the bachelorette party for an old flatmate here in Israel. I was exhausted Thursday evening but knew that this was the time to celebrate with my first friends in Israel.

So after the “tame” part of the evening was over – a bunch of us took the bride to Colony (a local bar that is the most NYC or even European bar in Jtown). As we entered the bar I noticed a few men sitting at the bar that were definitely not Israelis. I commented to another one of the girls that those guys were definitely not citizens of this country.

Now after sitting down at a table we encouraged the bachlorette to go back over to those non Israeli guys and see if they would buy her “a last shot”. (She wore a shot glass around her neck that said “last shot” as well as some other bachelorette paraphernalia).
Long story short the good ol’ NYPD boys came over to our table and helped make the evening unforgettable. One of them lives 2 minutes from my childhood home. He was shocked that he met someone so close to home yet so far away. Details will not be included here but sufficed to say – they did not dissapoint.
This night was one of the best nights yet in Israel. I miss my NYC men…. I do hope they look us up again when they are back in the country.


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