Songs that link to the past

14 Feb

This morning on my way to catch a bus to work I turned on my iPod and on came a song I have not heard in years……Enya. My thoughts reverted back to the days where my mode of transporation was Rusty, a Chevy mini-van in poweder blue with rust spots running down the back from rear window. I was transported back into that car driving to high school.

When I first learned how to drive at the age of 17 – I couldnt drive and listen to music with words. The lyrics distracted me from the road, the cars, the lights etc. But I also could not drive in silence -and thats where Enya came in.

I used to blast that tape and try (and I do mean try) to sing along to her music. Eventually after a few months of just listening to her music I felt comfertable about venturing to “music with words” and that was the end of my Enya days.

But today I was brought in time when I first got my license and driving was the ultimate pass at freedom.


One Response to “Songs that link to the past”

  1. ifyouwillit... February 14, 2007 at 11:20 am #

    Yeah… I remember those days with car. I would just drive, and as long as there was music to deafen me, all was good in the world.I want a car again!

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