Comparison between Love and Web 2.0

18 Feb

Check out the original writer of the Love and Web 2.0 comparison on Charlie’s blog.

I absolutely love LOVE his list. I am going to modify his list just a bit to fit my specifications:

1) I want a “quickie catch phrase” that teases me a bit and makes me want to get to know you better.

2) MMS, SMS IM and non-formal email notifications… I really hate the phone, so he’s going to need short form message capability.

3) Voice enabled… He needs to be outspoken, especially to be able to talk over and interrupt me. I get very excited about what I’m into and love to talk about it. Also important to make note here that he has to be English-user friendly. I cannot date anyone that is only one language accessible (Hebrew) since it is not my mother-tongue.

4) Doesn’t require too much money. I’m lucky that my career has kept me in a comfortable living situation for Israeli standards, but I’ve never taken any of it for granted. He should appreciate whatever he has and be able to make do in rich times and in poor. The old joke here in Israel that a millionaire comes to Israel with two million and leaves with one.

5) Uses AJAX… Small superficial changes should not require him to completely refresh his pages…he should be able to change on the fly without a lot of fuss…go with the flow….

6) Tagging… He definitely shouldn’t easily fit into one static category…he can have many seemingly random traits and be many things to many people. Each tag can hold a different definition for the person doing the tagging.

7) Open APIs… He is selfless, giving and likes to share.

8) Uses OpenID…He is true to who he is in all situations.

9) Skinnable… He can dress up for a party and lounge around in ratty t-shirts and feel comfortable and functional in either attire.

10) Rounded corners. I’ll be honest…I like my men with meat on their bones and my Web 2.0 app UIs.

If you liked my list – go check out the original post on Charlie’s blog


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