Getting Rid of the Old stuff

26 Feb

To throw out or not to throw out ….. The same goes with deleting phone numbers. To delete or not to delete….. these are the questions I find the most difficult to handle.

I am one of those females who hates to throw out clothing. My little angel sitting on my shoulder whispers “one day you might want to wear it again but if you toss it now all will be lost later on”. The delete or not to delete question numbers in my phone is constantly being debated. Who knows when I might/want/need to reach someone and could have if only I had not deleted that number?

At what stage are the numbers in my phone just past their prime and need to be deleted? The large question really is- who should even enter the mobile phone book and who gets a contact card solely in my outlook address box?

At what stage do I remove the numbers from the phone and move them over to the “almost tossed out bin” re-named my address book? Is it someone I haven’t spoken with in six months? A year? How about two years?

And by removing their number does it mean I no longer want to see their name displayed as I scroll through my address book? How often do you scroll through your cell’s address book and come across a person you have not spoken to in a very long time and wonder what happened to that person?

Spring is on its way and with that comes Passover cleaning. Looks like I’m going to have to clean my mobile address book as well as my desk drawers this year.


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