Next on the holiday list ….. Passover

7 Mar

Purim was a blast. I think to date this was the best Purim I’ve experienced. The megillah reading was lovely, the purim parties were SOO much fun (see pictures below), seudah at BY and me and my flatmate even received mishloach manot (gift basket) from our landlord who doesnt even live in Jerusalem! It was actually a huge shock to answer our door and see him standing there with his little daughter with a bag of goodies for us. Only in Israel I tell ya!

I didn’t even realize that February ended and March began with all the Purim planning going on. Now that Purim is over…. next up is Peseach! Cleaning the apt, selling chometz and packing up for a visit to Oceanside, NY.

I am really looking forward to spending quality family time in NY. I cannot believe it will be exactly a year since I was last in NY. Plus my birthday falls out around Pesach time and now I finally appreciate the date of my birth (Mom- you understand why).

So next on the “list of big events” …. New York here I come!


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