A committee to Name the second Lebanon War

14 Mar

I thought the war was called the Second Lebanese War… Apparently not only was I wrong but according to an article in Haaretz:
” On Monday, Defense Minister Amir Peretz announced he had appointed a public committee headed by attorney David Libai to recommend a name for the war. The committee, which will start meeting on Friday, will submit its eventual recommendation to the cabinet.
However, Minister Without Portfolio Jacob Edery (Kadima), who heads the ministerial committee on ceremonies and symbols, plans to convene his committee next Monday to choose a name for the war. Since a ministerial committee’s decision is like a cabinet decision, this could circumvent the Libai Committee.”

Explain to me why we need two separate committees to give a Name to the war? I thought it was clear that last June/July/August we were at WAR with Lebanon? Lebanon kidnaps our soldiers and they are still missing . We get bombarded with Katusha rockets. We called up our reserves and we invaded Lebanon (a foreign country) by both land and air. Most importantly we lost a LOT of soldiers.

Why is it so impossible to call last summers events with our lovely neighbor Lebanon a WAR? Is it because our leadership in both the military and political arenas failed us? Are we as a nation scared to have in our Israel history books a war in which there was no clear cut winner?

Call it what it was -The second Lebanese War. Let the graves of the soldiers be remembered for fighting in this war. Let them be remembered for fighting in a war that the government was ill-prepared to handle.
This was a war and Olmert can form as many different committees to rename this fiasco but it will always remain in OUR eyes as the Second Lebanese War. There will be no cover up – no white washing history. We know who was responsible and how ill-prepared they were to handle it.

It is time for a Prime Minister who understands what Zionism is. And I mean that in terms of A Country for Jews run by Jews. This country isn’t some social experiment in which we want to be the most popular and well liked from the World and our neighbors. We are struggling to survive in our country that we have fought for and turned the dirt red with the blood of our brothers. Let our soldiers from this war and previous wars to have NOT DIED IN VAIN. Stop being pansies and lets remember how this country came into existence. Let us fight for its survival.


2 Responses to “A committee to Name the second Lebanon War”

  1. Anonymous March 18, 2007 at 11:02 am #

    You clearly haven’t understood the ramifications of finding a name for the war. If only for respect of those who perished, should the war be given a name.

  2. IsraLuv March 18, 2007 at 4:24 pm #

    What ramifications for finding a name for the war? It was the Second War with Lebanon. What other name should this terrible event be given? We lost a ton of soldiers and it was an ill planned and executed military response. Maybe we should call this the War of Idiots? But that would be an even greater insult to the families of the soldiers killed in the War. It was a war – not a squirmish, mission, or any other adjective to describe what our boys did. They went to war- to battle our enemies. There is no white washing history here.

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