Save The Stream (of Music)

18 Mar

I am not sure how many readers of this blog listen to Internet radio but I really depend on my internet radio music to help me get through the day.

My personal favorite site is Pandora.Com

Pandora might have to shut it’s doors due to fact that the RIAA wants to apply royalties rate to online radios and that will basically kill the business. I do understand that the RIAA needs to make money- but how about charging Pandora every time a user clicks on the artist and marks them as a favorite? That sounds like a much better solution than charging Pandora exorbitant royalty fees. Those fees will put my favorite Jukebox out of business.

I personally have found a ton of great new artists via Pandora and would be utterly devastated if the site shut down.

How would I have found out about modern day soulful singers like Amy Winehouse, Lizz Wright, Esthero , Goapele and many more?

Please sign the petition and save online radio one stream at a time.


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