A Hero in Heaven

20 Mar

This past summer during the War in Lebanon an American oleh named Michael Levin (z”l) was killed in battle and I blogged about his life and death.

Michael Levine z”l

In his NATIV yearbook Michael wrote: “You can’t fulfill your dreams unless you dare to risk it all”

His family is putting together a short film documentary on his life. The film is titled “A Hero in Heaven” .

His beliefs were the epitome my personal views on modern day Zionism and how important it is to live and die fighting for our country. I only wish that I had known him better but I am grateful to his family for creating this documentary. I look forward to getting to know Michael a bit better even if it is after his death.

Michael did not die in vain. G-d willingly when I have children- Michael’s story will be passed on to them. A modern day man who came from America, moved to Israel, joined the IDF, returned to his country during a war to fight along his fellow comrades… and died protecting this country. This is a story of a heroic man who’s beliefs need to be passed on. This is an extremely important lesson I feel I need to share with the future generations of Israelis.

Michael Levin (z”l) was the personification of the word ‘hero”. He made the ultimate sacrifice for the Jewish State and the Jewish people.

May Hashem console his family among the mourners of Tsiyon and Yerushalayim.

For more information about the film please contact Michael Levine’s mother: Harriet at AHeroInHeaven dot com

One Response to “A Hero in Heaven”

  1. Avram March 21, 2007 at 11:15 am #

    a sad, powerful story … may our heroes one day not be the ones who don’t come home …

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