New Memories Intertwine with the Old ones

25 Mar

Spring has finally arrived in Jerusalem….and all I want to do is to take long walks and enjoy the warmer evenings. Walking along the streets of Jerusalem bring me back to memories of long ago and those memories intertwine with the recently created ones. The familiar smell of the blossoming trees in the neighborhood my grandmother loved are intertwined with the lingering memories of her musty, perfume and pink lipstick smell.

This past week I was reminded how long its been since the death of my grandmother – my Bubby Leah. Nine years on Erev Pesach, is a very long time. A tremendous amount in my life has changed since then. But I am lucky enough that my memories of her and us have not been forgotten. Yes the memories are a bit fuzzy – it is as if the edges of the pictures have been blurred. But I can still remember the softness of her hands, the smoothness of her hair, hear her voice and see her huge smile smiling at me.

And I still miss her 9 years later… wish she could walk the streets of Jerusalem with me now. Share memories of how Jerusalem has changed and grown. Oh how she would have loved taking those long walks with me….


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