Never ending mental crazyness

28 Mar

Over the past few years I feel like my sight, touch, smell and hearing senses have reached a new level. I feel like my eyesight has sharpened over the years and I notice the little details all around me. Subtle smells jar me into past memories and I feel my brain on overdrive due to my acute awareness of my senses.

And all I want to do is capture the fleeting moments of beauty. It has occurred to me that I need to walk around with my camera and just figure out how to capture the sights I see in the way in which I see them and share them with others.

My brain is on overdrive due to what I see, smell, touch and hear. I am always thinking about something even when all I want to do is allow my brain some chill time. Riding the bus (which was always relaxing for me) is now not as relaxing. I cannot ignore the sights around me.

I do feel frustrated when moments pass by and I am not able to capture it on film.


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