My Pre Flight Saga

29 Mar

This week was a crazy week – I wasnt sure I was going to get on a flight out of Israel to NY for Pesach.
I booked and paid for my flight back in January and received my e-ticket. I decided to be overly cautious and call my airline to confirm my flight and especially confirm kosher food (the airline I am flying with is notorious for not messing that up).
I call the airlines Sunday and unfortunately the offices close at 5pm (WTF- why cant they have an automated line like banks!)So Monday morning I call up and the lady who answered me responded to my confirmation request with “Didn’t you listen to the message when you were waiting for an agent? There is no need to call and confirm your flight anymore.
My response in my head was “what kind of idiot tells me not to confirm my flight- this is a very busy time . and people get bumped off flights and that AINT gonna be me.
My response to her was “I didn’t know that but how about we check to make sure I have kosher food?”
She typed in my info and holy mother of G-d, I am not on the flight. They cancelled my ticket.
Early in March I was trying to figure out a way to push up my departing date to be in NY for business. I asked my travel agent if there were any dates available but the only date available was for March 13- too early for me to fly. He saved me the seat just in case i changed my mind. I called him back a few days later and told him the 13th was too early but if he could look for a separate flight. In the end he couldnt and I was just going to go with
Plan A- fly to NY on March 29th.
But when I called to confirm my flight the woman told me that the seat on the 13th had been reserved for me and since I failed to a)cancel the seat and b) show up for the flight they cancelled my ticket all together!!
So Monday at 11am Israel time I left a frantic message on my travel agent’s voicemail (he is in the US) a message on my father’s business line and emailed both he and my mother to tell them what was going on.
There was NO WAY I was not getting back on that damn flight or some other flight to be with my family for Pesach.
In the end my travel agent got the airline to put me back on my paid flight but until last night at 6pm I did not know which flight I was on. I was reserved on a different airline that left Israel earlier that the original flight.
Plus my travel agent’s computer system was not working and he couldnt email me the e-ticket (I have never flown without one before and I didnt know you could get a boarding pass with out it. Silly me)
So I called the taxi service to come pick me up for the earlier flight b/c ?I still didnt know what flight I was taking. After I booked the taxi I found out I was leaving later but it was too late- couldnt change my taxi reservation. So what’s a girl going to do?
I packed and then went out with some friends to Selina’s (our neighborhood bar where everyone knows your name) and met up with Stephanie, Avi, Eli G, Aviya, Jody, Yotam and few new faces. It was fun – and for me non-alcoholic. I left Selina’s at 1am and the taxi picked me up at 2 and I have been SITTING here in the airport for the past 3 hours.
I hate flying but today I am so happy to be getting on this plane and flying to my childhood home…….And for all of you who kept asking me when was my flight – and I answered “G-d Willingly on Thursday am” I really meant it – With G-d’s help I’d get on a plane and get to go home.

My mother was amazing! Calm and collected when were discussing options and status of my flight. I have no idea how crazy she made the travel agent or the airline but I LOVE MY MOM! {Pre-Pesach is a crazy time and I am sure this was not easy to deal with)

One super large cup of Dunkin Donuts is on me when I get into NY!!!!!


2 Responses to “My Pre Flight Saga”

  1. Ginrod Isus March 29, 2007 at 2:45 pm #

    hope u had a safe trip xxxx

  2. tafka PP April 1, 2007 at 12:29 am #

    Ew sagas indeed. Have a fantastic time, now you’re there… and don’t worry, from what I’ve caught so far, you’ll not be missing anything not seeing this new season!

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