Changes are in the air

29 Apr

Every couple of months i get this “itchy” and restless feeling that something in my life needs to change. I feel the need to change the realtionships in my life be it love, friendship, work or even with strangers.

Normally I can figure out ways to change my situation and stop feeling so restless and “itchy” but for some reason right now I can’t.

Actually it is not just some reason- I know the reason. But when I cannot control the world and the laws that govern it I cannot change the reasons why I feel restless. Yes I am trying to do something about it. I am being productive and encouraging change to happen to me but until it does happen I think I am going to continue to feel on the edge.

And I do no like feeling like this. not one little bit.

Sometimes my thoughts are to jump from the edge and just see how hard I will land.

Maybe its time to take that jump.


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