Social Networking Graduate Degree

29 May

Could you imagine going to graduate school to study social networking sites like facebook, myspace, etc? I know we are all connected to social networking sites… some more involved than others.

My real question is …. Who will teach these courses? Social networking sites have been around for about four years now (give or take). It is a new market and a new academic topic which has yet to fully develop. Will the courses focus on previous issues relevant to the social networking sites or focus on how to utilize these sites?

Here is a sample list of some of the course offerings at different schools:

• Designing Sociable Media, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

• eCommunities: Analysis and Design of Online Interaction Environments, University of Michigan

• Online Identity, Social and Community Behavior, Rochester Institute of Technology

• Social Networks and Social Processes, Cornell University

• After Google, What? Information Management and the Academic Enterprise in a Networked Digital Age, University of California at Berkeley

See the rest of the article titled At Some Schools, Facebook Evolves
From Time Waster to Academic Stud
from the Wall Street Journal.


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