Video on the Evolution of the Internet

15 Jun

It is fantastic to watch the evolution of the internet and the effect it has on every aspect of our lives.

The way our parents and grandparents received content through the radio, black and white television, color television, newspapers and magazines has completely evolved in our lifetime and will continue to evolve into something else entirely by the time our children grow up.

I love being part of this technology generation…i love being part of the initial generation who started using the world wide web (now known as the internet) back in the mid-nineties. From my first email account with Juno (which I had to download off a floppy disc) to my account with the social networking site Facebook.

How often is it that we can see changes in front of our own eyes? To remember when news and the like was only found in printed editions and not online? Now we can search the web and find whatever it is that we are looking for. Information and access is there to all of us (living in free countries) and it is amazing to be able to travel the globe learning about the cultures of far off countries right here at home.

I would truly love to study the sociological and anthropological effect the internet and it’s evolution has had on the world.

(found the video on HipMojo)


One Response to “Video on the Evolution of the Internet”

  1. Noodles June 19, 2007 at 5:33 pm #

    Hey stranger! I actually found that video quite scary. What will we have to read on the toilet? What do we put on the floor when we paint our houses, what do we use to wrap delicate presents ?? See … we need newspapers and magazines! A computer wont be so handy on those instances! xX

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