I passed I passed I passed I passed I passed

11 Jul

I passed my Israeli driving license test. I PASSED!!!!

I made aliyah almost three years ago with Nefesh B’Nefesh and they give out a huge poster of “what to do once you’ve made aliyah”. The poster even lists the specific items and identifications needed per errand as a new Israeli.
Now I took care of getting the paperwork for my new Israeli license but I ended up being lazy and not getting it filled out by my physician or eye doctor. Low and behold a year had passed and the paperwork was expired.

Fast forward to almost three years later… on the last wire… four days before my three years are up… and I PASSED.

Holy crap I was so stupid for waiting till the last moment. I almost hyperventilated this morning waiting for the driving instructor to come pick me up and drive me to the test site. To kinda show how lazy/last minute I tend to be.. I got a call this morning at around 8 am to remind me that I had the exam today.

“Nachon, at 10am”
I replied.

Eyal my one lesson instructor (who is fabulous) responded, “No not at 10am but at 9:30am and remember you need to bring with you your ID and paid receipt for the exam”
(quick glance at the time… 8:15am)

“OK! No problem” I answered with false bravado “See you soon”

Shit- I hadn’t taken care of the reciept. Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit.

I quickly glanced online to make sure there was no postal strike (cause that would be too ironic),got dressed and ran out the door. Luckily when I arrived the postal office was not only open but filled with people waiting on line to pay bills. (In this country you can pay your bills directly at the post office and many citizens do so). I paid the bill, ran to the cash machine to take out money for the exam and was early waiting for my instructor.

I understand the need to take the Israeli driving test (driving laws are different here than in the US) but I have been driving for almost ten years and sitting in that driving seat with the examiner brought me back to my first driving examination at 17 years old where my ultimate freedom solely rested on my passing of that exam. Fast forward to me at 27 and I felt the same way.

All I can say is “Thank G-d I passed. Thank G-d I passed. Thank G-d I passed. Thank G-d I passed. Thank G-d I passed. Thank G-d I passed. Thank G-d I passed. Thank G-d I passed. Thank G-d I passed. Thank G-d I passed. Thank G-d I passed”

Now I warn you all – stay off the roads. I do not drive like a nice little girl but an aggressive NY’er. I can hold my own against yellow taxicabs.

You have been warned 🙂


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  1. Noodles July 11, 2007 at 4:46 pm #

    Mazel Tov

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