A Social Experiment for Facebook

13 Jul

The blogging world has been buzzing about Facebook for a while now and especially recently after they opened up their doors to external platforms.

Well last night proved that Facebook is not the new AOL. This is the genetically modified and perfected DNA of the AOL creation.

Jeff Pulver
decided to conduct an experiment with Facebook. Recently he changed his network from NY to Israel and created a Facebook event where his friends were invited to a party in Tel Aviv. There were many who heard about the event and decided that they too would join Facebook. For those of us who are avid Facebook users we understand the virtual appeal.. the idea of taking the virtual live was too good to pass up.
When we arrived each of us was asked to write on a sticker our names, job/company and a “tag line”. You could tell the difference between those who really enjoy facebook and those who don’t. We are used to creating status updates, witty ones at that.

I decided to be a real Facebook geek and integrate two stickers. One was the typical info requested by Jeff and the second one was my twitter update. My twitter is integrated with my Facebook account. Dork… i know but still. It was fun.

And then when Yosef and I went over to very close friends bday party.. I refused to take my stickers off. Granted I got really drunk so I wrote Geek on my arm in permanent green marker.

I met new people (who I am now friends with on facebook) at the party. This party was the best high-tech mixer I have ever been to. The reason being that a) I checked the pictures of all the guests attending before hand so that I could recognize them b) the name stickers added a new and unusual way to approach new people.

Jeff announced the launch of “JERUSALEM ROCKS” a non-profit festival that will bring back the Black Eyed Pea’s to the first concert at Teddy Staduim in over twenty years The event is focused on bringing international musical events back to Jerusalem. More importantly, Jeff and his partners are financing this event and giving out free tickets and transportation to youths from all over the country to attend this event.

JERUSALEM ROCKS will take place September 9th in Jerusalem, Israel. Might be time for those of you who want to come back to Israel to plan a trip to Israel……

Maybe we could have another Facebook mixer in Sepetember,, invite Mark Zuckerberg to the event and the JERUSALEM ROCKS event.


One Response to “A Social Experiment for Facebook”

  1. Mike July 15, 2007 at 2:40 am #

    the concert sounds great.

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