Supporting Peace and Unity through Music

29 Jul

The Jerusalem Rocks! Festival

What: A musical event for peace to take place on September 9, 2007 in Jerusalem.
Two weeks ago at Jeff Pulver’s Facebook Experiment he announced the “Jerusalem Rocks!” first event. I mentioned it in my post about the party and decided to discuss this event a bit more.

According to their website the mission of Jerusalem Rocks! is to bring together musicians from all over the world in support of peace and unity. Jerusalem has hundreds of thousands of students and youth, numerous universities and a total population of 725,000. The city, its population and industry strive to show the world that Jerusalem is dedicated to peace and, more, is a growing center of today’s culture and business. However, Jerusalem has not hosted a mega international musical event in many years. Jerusalem Rocks! speaks to all these issues. It is not only a gift to Jerusalem; it is a statement to the world.

We need peace – not only here in Israel but in the whole world. The idea behind the concert is not just a wonderful message to send out to the citizens of Israel but to the human race. This country and particularly this city is always in the forefront of world news. International eyes are always drawn to Israel and the ongoings of our small little country.

How wonderful would it be if we could draw attention to the holiest city in the world and show the world how music and musicians can influence peace in Jerusalem.

Look at Bono – by using his music and celebrity status he is trying to abolish the spread of AIDS and finding a cure for the disease. Jerusalem Rocks! aims at tackling another huge issue – a peaceful Jerusalem.

Maybe through music, the international language, we could elevate Jerusalem into a city of Peace, a holy city for all mankind.

Go check out Jeff’s blog posting about Jerusalem Rocks and the website for the event.


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