Human contact using an impersonal meduim

12 Aug

Every Sunday morning I type in the Post Secret web address and hope that Frank has uploaded the new weekly batches of Post Secret postcards.

This week he posted up a video using the postcards…. In this day and age with the internet allowing us to remove ourselves from direct human contact, this site does exactly the opposite. It allows the website viewer to connect on a personal level when he/she comes across a secret that speaks to them.

Even though this site only allows me to read the post cards and not interact with other readers of the site… I feel very connected to human nature. To see the secrets and the pain others have and realize that sometimes there are those out there with similar secrets. It makes me realize that we all have our own secrets and as Frank the author of Post Secret states “Secrets we keep from others and secrets we keep from ourselves”………


One Response to “Human contact using an impersonal meduim”

  1. if you will it... (new location!) August 14, 2007 at 1:48 pm #

    I haven’t managed to get this to load anywhere yet 😦

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