Film: Destination:Zion

16 Sep

Destination Zion

As the new year begins….I would like to share with my readers a very near and dear project- the creation of the film “Destination Zion”.

According to their websiteDESTINATION: ZION seeks answers to these questions while gaining personal insight into the ethos of current day North American Jewry. DESTINATION: ZION will document this journey through the eyes of six young American Jews as they embark on a move so life-changing that one cannot keep from asking the most basic question on this perplexing development: Why?

DESTINATION: ZION delves into the complex world of individual and communal Jewish-American identity, seeking out the origins of American immigration to Israel. DESTINATION: ZION speaks to a fundamental issue in contemporary American Judaism: the changing place and importance of Israel in the American Diaspora community.”

I too made aliyah from America to Israel back in 2004. The internal and external struggle to move to Israel begins before you move and continues long after you are settled in the land.

There can be days without the internal struggle of should I stay or go … do I need to go through these struggles… and so far the answer is yes- these struggles will make me a better ME. And in the end I am seeking to build my life here. And when those struggles get hard I look at the trailor of this film and remind myself that I am not alone with my beliefs on living here.. and the daily struggle.

But in the end – it is all worth it.


One Response to “Film: Destination:Zion”

  1. Jon Burg September 19, 2007 at 10:38 pm #

    Wow, that was amazing! Thanks for sharing! I literally cried wathching that video. Simcha (married from Queens) is an old friend, I had no idea he was part of this project.My parents made aliyah while I was in Israel as a madrich. I am now in America (working emerging media and technology, we should totally be in touch professionally as well) and can’t wait to join you be’artzeinu. Thanks for sharing and shannah tovah!

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