Cawfee.. my soon to be x-love

7 Oct

As a former Long Islander I pronounce coffee “cawwwwfee” and so for all intents and purposes on this blog the word coffee does not exist and cawfee does.

I have been drinking cawfee since the age of 16 and my heart and soul used to belong to Dunkin Donuts. Ahh- the perfect smell of ground coffee and donuts in the morning before I boarded the train to work.

Perfect that was until my first visit back to Long Island after moving to Israel. We drove straight from JFK airport to one of the four Dunkin Donuts near my childhood house.

I remember ordering my overly salivated Dunkin Donuts ice coffee at the Merrick Road location and took my first sip through the straw. To my chagrin the cawfee taste so weak, so full of water! I had been looking forward to this moment ever since my Nefesh B’Nefesh plane flew me to Israel 9 months before.

And this cawfee tasted terrible!

It took me until I returned to Israel to understand why. Here in Israel the only cawfee I drink is a cafe ha-fooch or a Latte. The cawfee I drink here has almost no water to it but is all milk. Milk base cawfee….even cold cawfee.. One shot of espresso with either cold or steamed hot milk.

At home to make instant cawfee (yes sometimes I resort to instant cawfee) and I have come to boil milk in a saucepan and add it to the instant cawfee and brown sugar in my glass mug.

But soon all this will come to an end. No more daily cawfee for me.

Au Revoir mi amour……….


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  1. eliesheva October 8, 2007 at 1:56 pm #


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