How the Internet Enhances my Networking Skills

10 Oct

Tomorrow night is the Second Facebook Networking party hosted by Jeff Pulver. I went to his first event and I loved it. I got a chance to make new Facebook friends but more importantly I got a chance to meet and schmooze with some very interesting startup professionals. This is why I love Facebook. I can check out the event page and see the pictures of all the attendees. This way I can search out individuals that I want to connect to and take my online networking skills into the real world.

All my naysayer Facebook friends are going to miss out tomorrow but not I. We all have to bring with us our own “name stickers” and write on it our “status” … I have been racking my brain for an eye catching work related status phrase….I have some ideas but only those at the party tomorrow will get a chance to read it.

If any Sabra at Heart readers will be attending the event… please come over and introduce yourselves to me. I would love to meet you!


One Response to “How the Internet Enhances my Networking Skills”

  1. Niv Calderon October 11, 2007 at 11:14 am #

    i’ll be there too!hope to get to meet you.wrote about that too:

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