Camp Socca

22 Oct

This weekend was spent at Camp Socca…. located in a bed and breakfast hotel in Migdal, Israel.

Every Monday night for the past few months there was a rooftop party at a place called Socca (right off the beach in Tel Aviv)promoted by Brad Bernstein.

This weekend a large number of Socca attendees went away up north to Migdal located a bit more north of Tiberias and right under the Arbel cliff. All the Facebook members of Socca were invited to join in the weekend festivities and to go up to Migdal.

Brad organized the weekend away where we took over a little tzimmer (bed and breakfast), spent all day in the pool and all evening in the jacuzzi. (great job Brad!) and this was our version of a holiday weekend. Partying from Thursday night until Sat night….

Most of us arrived Thursday night by 10pm and we cracked open the refreshments, donned the bathing suits and jumped into the jacuzzi. And most of us didnt change out of our bathing suits until Sat night.

Ahhh- a weekend spent in the pool, bbqing, drinking and chilling out. How much better could it get?

Socca Camp Pictures


One Response to “Camp Socca”

  1. marc dahan October 24, 2007 at 3:28 pm #

    israluv,you should had told me : i’m the “new yawkah zionist girl” -> i would recognized you of course! And congratulate you to work for free for the Jewish Agency for Israel !Good job ! keep i t on!cheersmarcPS:really i think that your blog is important: you show that’s it is possible to leave the luxurious New York,to come in Israel and have a good job and a good way of life.congrats!

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