Effective Networking tips for a Social Network Party

24 Oct

Last night I went iDrink #7 where there was a huge turnout (great job Sagi and Ouriel!). At the entrance to the event we were all given name tags with a color dot on it and our name hand written onto the sticker at arrival.

This event is a networking party between investors, start ups, entrepreneurs, consultants, lawyers and anyone with any sort of interest in high-tech. The color dot on the sticker correlated with our industry.

Now not all of us are professional or even successful networkers. I personally enjoy networking when forced to do so but if given the chance to sit with friends and passivly network. Thats the ideal situation for me (but…. not always the most effective way)

I like to look over the event page on the social networking site before the event so that I can see who is attending. This way I do a bit of research before I arrive and can hunt down interesting new contacts or rekindle older contacts.

But what happens when either the guest does not have a picture on their profile or better yet has a picture of something other than themselves? How else will I be able to put a name/face together? The intrinsic value of social networking event pages is the ability to see the FACES of the attendees.

I noticed whilst sitting on the high bar chairs was that I could not read the id stickers. Now the purpose for these stickers is to get a very brief idea of who this person is. There were many professionals walking by me with the red sticker (which meant start-up/entrepreneur)yet only their first name was written on the sticker.

With so many of us having the same names.. Why wouldn’t you want to include your last name on your id sticker? I think the event organizers need to have pre-printed out(and easy to read)name stickers. The event locations are typically dimly lit and it is hard to read the name on a smaller size sticker.

After the event is over – go back over to the event page on the social networking site and become friends with them. This way you are solidifying your new relationship online.


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