Connect to Me to Connect to Her to Connect to Them

28 Oct

Recently I have had an influx of friend requests in Facebook. For my loyal readers you all know how much i LOVE LOVE LOVE Facebook and for new readers (welcome) you now know I simply adore Facebook. I am also an avid user of and am an occasional user of Ning for a few different networks.

Facebook is typically used to share conscious or subconscious details of your personal life to your network. Each user of a social networking site choses the information posted on their personal profile page. My views on Facebook friends is that I do not believe in Facebook be-friending random strangers on Facebook.

On the other hand – I will connect to non-friends on LinkedIn or Ning. What is the difference between Facebook and the other social networking sites used? Facebook is mostly for my friends whilst LinkedIn and Ning are for work. Sometimes work contacts and friends do overlap on the networking sites and I am constantly surprised by the overlap but hey- networking happens!

But please, oh please I beg you – do not befriend me on any of the sites without a message how or why our views/lives/work overlap. I don’t need or want to share my life with random strangers and I especially get annoyed by those who cannot give me a good answer as to how we connect. If it is just because you like my photo – then own up to it! No shame in wanting to be friends for superficial purposes. It doesn’t mean that I’ll accept your friendship request but I will enjoy the moment 😉

Oh- and don’t get pissy at ME for ignoring your friendship request when you ignore my message “do we know each other?” I think this is valid question especially since if I DO accept your invite I will be allowing you into my personal life..

Now for the real kicker- Recently I have has a few friend requests from individuals who ignore me in REAL LIFE! If you ignore me in real life why the hell should I accept you online

think I have a few friend requests to ignore…..

Facebook friends or Real Life Friends?


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